Each week, you can find here the Story of the Week, a sailing-related historical story written in collaboration with our players!

Story of the Week #7 : The Amazing Story of the Vasa

26 May 2023

The Vasa was a Swedish warship built in the 17th century under the orders of King Gustav II Adolphus.


Story of the Week #6 : The Quest for the forgotten Wreck

19 May 2023

Discover the mystery of the Leusden, a slave ship lost in 1738. Follow the search for her wreck, vital in understanding the tragedy of the slave trade.


Story of the Week #5 : Donald Crowhurst

12 May 2023

The Strange Voyage of Donald Crowhurst is one of the most mysterious stories in sailing history. In 1968, Crowhurst, a British amateur sailor, participated in the solo round-the-world race!


Story of the Week #4: A Mystery Beneath the Waves

5 May 2023

In 2011, Swedish divers discovered a strange, circular object on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The object, dubbed the “Baltic Sea Anomaly”, quickly attracted worldwide attention!

Henry hudson

Story of the Week #3 : Henry Hudson’s Pioneering Exploration in 1609

28 April 2023

Henry Hudson, an intrepid navigator of the early 17th century, embarked on a fascinating voyage that marked the history of the discovery and mapping of the New World.

bermuda triangle

Story of the Week #2 : The epic journeys of Zheng He

21 April 2023

In the 15th century, a famous Chinese admiral Zheng He embarked on a series of legendary expeditions that have left an indelible mark on history.

bermuda triangle

Story of the Week #1 : The Bermuda Triangle: Myths and Mysteries

14 April 2023

For centuries, the Bermuda Triangle has captured the imagination of sailors and explorers; discover its history!


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