friday 3 june 2022

Virtual Regatta continues its ecological momentum with the Pacific Ocean Race!

A new “Impact” race:

This second Impact Race will start on 8 June on World Ocean Day.  

As a reminder, the Impact Races aim to highlight both environmental and social issues related to the oceans.   

During the Impact races, many surprises await you, such as draws to win free full packs or the possibility to become a full player in the game! Indeed, being an ambassador will allow you to share with the Discord community the actions/associations for the protection of the seas and oceans that are close to your heart.  

Through the Impact races, Virtual Regatta wants to participate in its own way to the creation of a more virtuous world and encourage to act responsibly, while having a positive impact on the people and the nature that surround us. 

What is World Ocean Day?

Taking place from 8 June, the Pacific Ocean Race will start on World Ocean Day. 

This day is a reminder of the vital role the oceans play on our planet. They provide us with most of the oxygen we breathe, but the oceans are much more than that, they are also an important source of food and medicine. 

It is therefore essential to raise awareness of their place in our ecosystem, and particularly of the threats they face due to human activities. 

This day therefore aims to mobilise and unite people around the world around a more sustainable management of the oceans, while paying tribute to their beauty and wealth.

The race:

The Pacific Ocean Race will kick off on June 8th at 7pm from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

Its route will take you on a journey through the magnificence of the oceans and its seabed. 

On board your “Ocean 50”, you will cross paradisiacal places, notably the Galapagos Islands. You will then continue your idyllic journey until it ends in Guyaquil in Ecuador.


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