Friday 1st of April 2022

Virtual Regatta creates the Grand Bleu Blanc Rouge race, dedicated to the 2022 presidential election in France!

It is an opportunity to highlight the campaign promises of each candidate with regard to the sea and the maritime environment.

It is an opportunity for you to be the Voice of the Sea and to choose the theme that moves you most with regard to the sea, sustainable development and biodiversity.  During this race, you will have the choice between several boats, each of which will correspond to the maritime themes mentioned in the candidates’ programme.  

Find below all the campaign promises of each candidate regarding the sea and the oceans.

Fabien Roussel

Fabien Roussel

La France des jours heureux

A policy to protect the maritime domain

  • Creation of a large Ministry of the Sea
  • Develop the use of algae to replace plastic in particular
  • Develop ecological seaweed farming – Develop blue tourism that respects nature
  • Increase the proportion of protected land and sea areas to 30%, compared with 20% and 23% respectively today.
  • Work towards the development of small-scale fishing; strengthen the shipbuilding industry
  • Develop offshore tidal turbines in consultation with fishermen.
  • Create a treaty to protect the seabed from exploitation
Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron

En marche !

Building a genuine maritime strategy for our country

  • Ambitious and sustainable blue growth
  • Promote our formidable assets, while respecting the environment and biodiversity. The Overseas
  • Territories will be the figurehead.
  • Developing our maritime potential in the long term
  • Rethinking the maritime issue in France
Jean Lassalle

Jean Lassalle

La France authentique

 Develop research into the ocean environment and marine biodiversity.

  • Develop energy from the sea (swell, thermal difference between the surface and the deep sea, etc.).

  • Develop research into the ocean environment and marine biodiversity.

  • Invest in marine energy.

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen

M la France

A major Ministry of the Sea

  • Restore the place of the French Overseas Territories by creating a “large State Ministry for the Sea and Overseas Territories”.
  • Strengthen the protection of maritime spaces, notably by fighting against “drug trafficking” and “illegal immigration networks”.
  • Freeze all offshore wind turbine projects and develop deep-sea fishing and small-scale fishing, “while respecting the environment and biodiversity”.
  • Order new military equipment to deal with threats – Protect biodiversity
  • Fight against illegal fishing, poaching, trafficking, uncontrolled pollution or invasive species”.
Éric Zemmour

Éric Zemmour

Impossible n'est pas français

 Renew France’s maritime ambition

  • Prohibit all new wind turbine construction projects on land and at sea” and “freeze current offshore wind projects

  • Protect and develop our maritime areas.

  • Support fishing and marine farming to achieve self-sufficiency

  • Provide the means for the blue economy to reach its full potential.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

L'union populaire

Developing marine renewable energy

  • Using the movement of the tides and currents” to get away from nuclear power.
  • Develop marine renewable energies,
  • Nationalise the marine energy branch of Alstom and the wind energy branch of Areva.
  • Create an “international law of marine biodiversity”.
  • Implement a moratorium on deep sea mining,
  • Eradicate dangerous fishing techniques, such as electric fishing.
  • Creation of a permanent underwater station: the first permanent underwater station on the model of the international space station”.
Anne Hidalgo

Anne Hidalgo

Ensemble, changeons d'avenir !


Research to tackle rising sea levels

  • Invest in the development of technological and ecological solutions to deal with rising sea levels (financed by a “1% oceans” levy on companies’ advertising budgets for waste prevention in maritime areas)
  • Strengthen the legal arsenal against the dumping of illegal waste.
  • Create a “Ministry of Climate, Biodiversity and the Economy”, and include in the Constitution “the fight against global warming and biodiversity loss”.
  • Recognition of an “international criminal court” to judge crimes and violations of the environment and biodiversity;
  • Create a 100% sustainable fisheries and aquaculture public policy by 2030, encouraging the consumption of local and sustainable fisheries products”.
Nathalie Arthaud

Nathalie Arthaud

Le camp des travailleurs



  • Fighting global warming and saving the sea
  • Develop a concerted and planned policy on a global scale
  • Meet the needs of the greatest number of people, while preserving the environment.
Yannick Jadot

Yannick Jadot

Changer la France pour vivre mieux !

Stop seabed mining

  • Prohibit seabed mining in the entire French exclusive economic zone (over 11 million km²).
  • Sanctuary 30% of our maritime areas on a global scale, particularly in Antarctica, 10% will be under full protection in each territory, maritime façade and ultramarine basin
  • Take care of all living things, preserve and repair them
  • Guarantee sustainable fishing, limit the quantities of fish caught and put an end to techniques that “destroy marine fauna”. Objective of 40% of protected areas by 2030 on land
Valérie Pécresse

Valérie Pécresse

Nouvelle France

Zero plastic target

  • Ensure that 10% of the national maritime territory is “under strong protection within 20 years
  • Agreement by Mediterranean coastal countries to “eradicate plastic waste at sea”.
  • The creation of no-spill zones could be included in local urban plans. “The interests of fishermen will be protected
Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

Le bon sens en action !

A “zero waste” programme

  • Creation of a true national maritime strategy.
  • Launch a 10-year zero waste programme for the French oceans.
  • Launch a major plan to combat plastic pollution of the oceans and a Mediterranean plan, based on the Dupont-Aignan/Ramlati Ali parliamentary report on ocean pollution.
Philippe Poutou

Philippe Poutou

L'urgence anticapitaliste


  • No more than 10% of the territory to be developed and 10% to be classified as nature reserves
  • Meet social and ecological requirements
  • Care for human beings and all living things



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