Wednesday, June 01 2022

Discover the Intertropical Challenge on Virtual Regatta Offshore!

An intense race ahead:

At first glance, with no buoys or other features on this proposed race, there are no major difficulties.

However, from 31 May at 18:00 onwards, your Ultim will be offered a crucial choice: to go around or to face the mythical doldrums. This decision will have many consequences, so it is up to you to choose the right option! 

Between Macapa and Abidjan over approximately 2800 miles this course promises to be exciting to play and to follow. During this race a lot of thinking, a lot of analysis and also a bit of success will be necessary to take the highest place of the podium. 

Good luck and may the best win

Do you know the doldrums?

This zone, although little known to the general public, is nevertheless extremely feared by sailors. 

Located from the tip of Brazil to the African coast, the Doldrums is an Inter Tropical Convergence Zone, in other words a very unstable meteorological zone. Stretching over several hundred kilometres from north to south, the winds are variable and very difficult to anticipate on board a sailing boat, making navigation projections extremely delicate.

Although still unclear, several hypotheses have been put forward to try and explain this name. It could come from an old Portuguese expression meaning black formless mass in reference to the black clouds dreaded by sailors, sometimes visible at more than 100 miles.

Now it’s up to us to get as close as possible to the real conditions at sea, and it’s up to you to anticipate and master them in order to come out on top of the race.



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