2022 SEASON 

Thursday, 24th of February 2022

Test your skill against other esailors to have a shot at the $10,000 USD prize pool!

The 2022 eSailing World Championship has kicked off with players from around the world battling it out in the season opener in the Bay of Cadiz, Spain.

Thousands of eSailors competed to get a head start in this prestigious event, which will see weekly regattas on the world’s most popular boats, as well as a number of new high profile events being launched this year, following last year’s successful Olympic Virtual Series, eAmerica’s Cup, eSailGP and Hempel World Cup Series regattas.

A host of brand new venues will also be revealed, as well as the possibility of national rankings via the World Sailing’s national member associations – and there will be multiple opportunities to enter the later stages of the Championships at the end of September.

2022 marks the fifth year of Virtual Regatta‘s partnership with World Sailing, and the fourth anniversary of the popular eSailing World Championship.

 “The eSailing World Championships have become a huge strategic tool to promote our sport since their launch in 2018. Our 2022 season offers more structured competition and more opportunities to race, whether you are a novice or a veteran looking to climb the rankings and win trophies.” said Scott Over, Commercial Director of World Sailing.

How it works?

This year’s championship is divided into 3 seasons, each of which offers many ways to progress to the next stages of the competition, regardless of your performance in the other seasons. The first season began on 12 February 2022 with the start of the first challenge of Season 1.  

Each season will offer numerous opportunities for you to reach the finals, whether it be through the season finals, playoffs or special events.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the upcoming challenges, check out our calendar!

The Format: 

At the end of each season, the top 40 players compete in a live season final to try to qualify directly for the semi-finals. The next 260 non-qualified players qualify for the Playoff.

From this top 40, the top 10 qualify for the first final, the rest qualify for the playoffs.

The top 40 from the playoffs participate in the final qualifiers, of which the top 6 qualify for the semi-final.
The semi-final consists of 40 players, of which the top 10 compete in the grand final.

Most of the challenges will last 72 hours, each player will have to sail at least 12 times, but cannot sail more than 40 times. 12 players will compete at the same time.

There will be a maximum of one eSWC challenge per week.


Heads up: 

  • The only way to reach the grand final is through the semi-final.
  • Those who qualify for the semi-final cannot participate in the playoffs.
  • The 40 players in the final of one season can qualify for the final of the next season.
  • If a player has already qualified for the playoffs, he cannot qualify again, his place is given to the next best player.
  • If a player has already qualified for the semi-final, he cannot qualify again, his place is given to the next best player.

How to reach the top of the competition?

The playoffs: From September 22nd to 26th

For this new step of the competition, you will have to play 4 days in a row, sailing at least 15 races with a maximum of 65 attempts

Day 1: 49er, 22kts, Upwind long

Day 2: Nacra 17, 22Kts, Upwind Med

Day 3: ILCA (Laser), 20Kts, Upwind Short

Day 4: J70, 22 Kts, Upwind med

The playoffs gather the top 300 players of each season, the top 1 player of each challenge that are not yet qualified to the semis finlas and the top 10 players of each MNA

You will be around 900 players to compete and this new challenge ! 

Those already qualified for the semi-finals will not be able to race, their position is given to the next best player not yet qualified.

Top 40 of the playoffs will be invited for the live Final Qualification on October 1st, the top 7 of these are invited to the semi-finals on October 2nd.

10 finalists will share a  $10,000 USD prize! 

Here is how the prize will be split: 

Advisory Panel:

World Sailing (WS), in accordance with Virtual Regatta Inshore (VRI), has appointed an Advisory Panel (AdP). The AdP’s main responsibility is to hear protests and send recommendations to WS and VRI on possible penalties to be applied as a result of incidents, which have occurred during the 2022 eSailing World Championship (eSWC).Please carefully read the two documents for more information.

Our players talk about it best:

UOL Carlos Parejo, winner of the eSWC 2021 Grand Final:

I like the new format, it allows to the best esailors to face off in a finals setting with the added pressure. We are all aiming for a spot in the grand final. I hope to qualify to the ESWC Grand Final again this year, but the most important is to enjoy while playing !

Muimui, winner of the 1st challenge of season 1:

In an environment where the pandemic has made it difficult to practice real sailing, VRI has been the perfect way to have fun. Now, I am very glad to have won this challenge against sailors who are much more experienced than me in virtual and real sailing. Also, these Star races made me realise that sportsmanship is the key to get a tactical advantage. From now on, I will keep practicing to qualify for the Grand Final!



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