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Vendée Globe 2016

Become a Vendée Globe sailor! Select your boat, choose your heading and sail around the world with real-time weather conditions. Take part of one of the most extreme races and join the community of virtual skippers. Join the race!

Record Sodebo

Challenge the clock with Sodebo Ultim’ and Thomas Coville. Start at any time. Try to win the race non-stop around the world!

Virtual Regatta Inshore 2 (Beta)

Enter a new dimension of virtual sailing: Virtual Regatta Inshore has be upgraded for a brand new real-time regatta experience. Fight for the best start and use your best sailing skills and tactics on each leg: 3, 2, 1... GO!

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December 9 2016
Sylvain Marconnet’s beautiful catch-up
December 8 2016
Loïck Peyron gains 220,000 places
December 7 2016
More than 3 days ahead at Leeuwin