Friday, 29th of July 2022

Virtual Regatta migrates to a new game manager platform!

repared for many months, this operation is necessary so that the game can evolve and then offer you all the new features and functionalities that you expect thanks to more efficient internal tools that will allow more flexibility for the future development of our games.

The maintenance will take place on the 1st of August from 10pm to the 2nd of August at 12pm CEST

During this period, the Virtual Regatta Offshore and Inshore applications may be disrupted and access to the races may be restricted for some of you. Our technical team will be on deck and will do its best to restore full access to the game for all as soon as this scheduled operation is over.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience caused and hope that this migration will not impact your performance on the current races. The weather updates will be frozen in the hours leading up to this maintenance operation.

This will allow everyone to plan a “safe” route over the few hours when access to the game cannot be guaranteed.

This page will be regularly updated in the next fews days, depending on the breakthrough of the migration.

Monday, 1st of August

12pm CEST

👉 Publication of the last weather update before the migration. ⛅️

Monday, 1st of August 

10pm CEST

🏁 Start of the migration. We invite you to do all your setups before that time and to choose a simple itenerary. Access to the game will be probably limited. 💡

Tuesday, 2nd of August 

12pm CEST

End of the maintenance and publication of the new weather update. 😀

Live Updates

1st of August at 11am:

  • Change in the planning ! 👉 The migration will no longer start on the 2nd at 12am, but will be advanced to the 1st at 10pm CEST!
  • The last weather  update will no longer be published on the 1st of August at 6pm CEST but will now be realeased at 12pm CEST. ⛅️

1st of August at 10pm:

  • We have started the maintenance! 🤞
  • The game is no longer accessible. If you get a message “Please reload the game” this is normal.

2nd of August at 6.30am:

  • Maintenance is proceeding as planned 😀
  • The game is not yet accessible. If you have a “Please reload the game” message this is still normal.
  • We expect to be back to normal around 12:00 CEST

2nd of August at 12pm: 

Good news! 🎉

You can now access your boat!

The migration of Virtual Regatta to its new game management platform went well!After 14 hours of maintenance, the game is now accessible to everyone, you can access again to the races and to your boat.We thank you for your patience and hope that this operation did not have too heavy consequences on your account.

Our technical team has done its best to ensure that the game reopens in time, however, you may notice some minor malfunctions that we are working on, but don’t panic! These issues will be corrected very soon. 😀

Once again, thank you for your support, and we wish you fair winds wind on Virtual Regatta!

2nd of August at 4pm: 

Thank you all for your patience 🙏

This was a major operation affecting the infrastructure of the game, so it was not without danger. Today you may still encounter some minor issues on the application, our team is on deck to solve them as soon as possible! 🔥

The next few days will be decisive to confirm the real success of the operation. Our team remains alert and ready to listen to you in order to guarantee you the best possible gaming experience! Once again, thank you to everyone! 😍

The Virtual Regatta team


3rd of August at 12pm : 

Since the reopening of the game, some users may have encountered access difficulties with the message “Please reload the game” still displayed. This problem is now fixed and devices or browsers with adblockers can access the game without problems.

An update of the VR Offshore mobile application is currently being deployed. Don’t wait to download it as soon as it is available on the stores!


3rd of August at 3pm : 

We are still working on adapting the game to the new platform, we are fixing many small issues, but some of them can be very annoying for you. We are doing our best to fix them as soon as possible:

  • When you log in to the game, it is possible that the game shows you an unrecognised password. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend a password renewal procedure by clicking on the “forgotten password” link. You will then receive a new password in your mailbox, which you can use to access the game. We recommend that you change your password when you log in again.
  • Some iOS users may have experienced problems with in-app purchases since the migration. We are currently working on a fix for this issue. We invite you to purchase credits or packs from the web version of the game, or from an android device. If you have experienced this type of problem, we invite you to contact customer support without delay.


3rd of August at 5pm : 

The issues mentioned in the 15:00 update have been solved 😀

We are still adapting the platform, if you encounter any issues on the game, please feel free to contact the support, you can also join our community on Discord and share your experiences with other players!


10th of August at 11am : 

Our team is doing its best to fix the last issues related to the migration ✅ Some bugs you may have encountered on the game were fixed yesterday:

– Disconnection problems or difficulties to connect
– Problems related to purchases and subscriptions (some problems persist for the renewal of VIP subscriptions, do not hesitate to contact our support service if this is your case)
– The rankings are starting to be corrected little by little (it turns out that the task is more difficult than expected).
– Following your numerous comments, we have reinstated the social friends feature. This will be downgraded until it is optimised, you will only be able to see a maximum of 50 friends.

The whole Virtual Regatta team apologizes for the various inconveniences caused by the migration. We are deploying daily corrections hoping to be able to satisfy you soon as before, we only ask you for a little patience.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. 🙏



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