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#VVOR : Itís a Poker Game at Cape Verde

Par Virtual Regatta - October 20 2014

The tack at Nouhadibou was fatal for several skippers who smashed their hulls against the rocks of Cape Blanco. For the others, the offshore winds are calling and they’re in for a poker match in the archipelago of Cape Verde.

North, South or straight down the middle? It’s predicted that everyone will try their chances at finding the fastest way possible in the tradewinds. At the moment, the leaders who took the Southern option are still the leaders. Croix_du_Sud, tinifon@tpn et LiseTor Danfers* don’t show any signs of letting go of their firm grasp on the leaderboard. At this point it’s still possible for skippers to take it from them, given their positions and the regularity of the predicted southeast tradewinds.

Those who have chosen the middle road cut the archipelago in two; maki RRR, Kimbé Raide and Wolfo696 will likely steer their course toward the west and try to catch the strongest tradewinds, which the Northern group are currently dreaming about. For the moment, they are the least well placed but they can come back at any time, especially if we judge them by the experience of certain sailors amongst them and the fact that you never know what will happen during the long descent along the Brazilian coast.

Among the group of experienced sailors in the middle group are llyl -Team TBS, a reference in Virtual Regatta sailing history, and banzai49tpn and meteo79niort.com – two skippers will a large amount of virtual sailing behind them.

Behind them, things are starting to get more complicated for jpjb, mirabelle29, l’espagnol OkoKo and the American, Kurticus who are starting to fall several miles behind.

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