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Meet “lotsemann”, Winner of the Sodebo Challenge

Par Virtual Regatta - November 19 2014

His victory in Guadeloupe surprised everyone, even the “lotsemann,” the Brazilian winner of the first leg of the virtual Volvo Ocean Race. The South American skipper handled the transatlantic crossing with precision and persistence.

He was in the lead for the majority of the race and managed to win one of the most prestigious races in offshore sailing. But who is this mystery man that accomplished what thousands of sailors only imagine winning? We met Alexandre, the man behind “lotesemann” to find out:

VR: First of all, we are all wondering – who is “lotsemann”?

Alexandre: My name is Alexandre, I was born in Rio de Janeiro and I have lived in Itajai, in Southern Brazil for the past 17 years. I’m a port pilot and I work all year round on cargos helping the captains to enter and exit our port. It’s a difficult, but very stimulating because I have to help maneuver boats that are over 300 meters long – the entrance of the port is really narrow.

VR: Do you play Virtual Regatta often? And how did you win on occasion?

Alexandre: I really like playing Virtual Regatta. I know that it’s an awesome game and I always play in my time off. I don’t really know how I managed to win this race. I have to say that it was a big surprise. First, I was shocked to learn that I was in 3rd place half way through the race, then I just tried to do my best and manage the pressure from other players.

VR: Can you tell us how what the race was like for you?

Alexandre: It was a real pleasure. I chose the Southern option because the situation North of the Azores seemed instable. Straight away, it seemed as if the Southern option was the best way to go – so I went for it.  

VR: Once you chose the Southern option, was it difficult to find the right course to Guadeloupe?

Alexandre: It wasn’t really hard at first, but as the race went on it became more and more complicated. Psychologically it was difficult because you can’t go by the ranking when you are executing your strategy. It took me a little while to get used to losing places. The last night was really close, and it was really exciting for me! I have to say that I was even happy! But I had to calculate the trajectories very accurately, because with one false move “Charlotte et Lili 06” could have overtaken me. I was also really afraid of becoming grounded because I passed really close to the shore, but it was the only way to pass in front. So I took the risk, and if worse came to worse – I would still finish second! But after passing the South-west part of Basse-Terre I found myself in the lead! And then I finished just 59 seconds ahead! It’s crazy – you navigate for miles across the Atlantic Ocean and you finish with such a small margin of time in front of the second place finisher. I have to wish “Charlotte and Lili 06” a big congratulations – because they worked really hard as well.

VR: Are you sailing in the Volvo Ocean Race?

Alexandre: Of course! This year one of the stopover cities in in Itajai for the second time, it’s a natural place to have the race come. I remember in the last edition I followed Telefonica and it was such a great memory. I definitely won’t miss the arrival of the Volvo 65s in Itajai mid-April.


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