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#VVOR: Snakes and Ladders in the Trade Winds

Par Virtual Regatta - October 22 2014

If you look at the trajectories of our virtual skippers, it’s easy to see the difficulty in finding the right position at the entrance of the doldrums. For the skippers in the lead, it’s a spectacular game of snakes and ladders that’s underway!

Still in first place yesterday evening, Croix_du_Sud was overwhelmed by the American Ava Gardner and Dr ear vinojenn by the west.

Things are branching off level with 8° north where the trade winds weaken significantly and so skippers will have a confusing time choosing their courses.

The western option seems to be working out - l’argentin U2_U2, as well as Zozoreil, mAKi RRR, Rijsel hoop avl and carambar86 – are all very well positioned. Diametrically opposed to them, the eastern option, we find the Australian AUS DF2, the Swede Misil208 and the French Yannos Timovan who continue merrily upon their way. Smiley FRA893 has chosen the extreme east toward Fernando de Noronha, which the first skippers will pass likely Friday morning.

Most skippers are still working their way through the doldrums – which are proving to be as fickle as ever, with very little wind. But some of you brave warriors are starting to pass out of them and pick up speed toward the coast of Brazil.


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