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Player Profile: Italian Sailor Fastoneoff

Par Virtual Regatta - April 17 2014








Umberto's boat, RedRedWine

Fasteoff a.k.a Umberto Carrara is an Italian virtual and real sailor from Milan, Italy. He finished in 17th position overall for the Italian Race, Roma Per Due, the top finisher for his country! We asked him a few questions about his race and how he started playing Virtual Regatta.


VR: How long have you been playing Virtual Regatta?

UC: started racing online during the last edition of the Volvo ocean race (I finished 40th overall with my boat named "redred") and soon after I discovered that Virtual Regatta was the creator of the game when I started with the last edition of the  Vendée Globe! I was addicted after that!

I was very pleased to see that an Italian race was inserted into your virtual game and in particular the Roma Per Due, because I participated in the real race with my first boat, RedRedWine, winning in all three races in my class in double.

I remember that it is a really tough race with varied weather, especially the second edition where we had winds of up to 50knots. The conditions and always difficult to interpret and deal with. Our Mediterranean Sea can get really excited! So I was definitely excited when I saw that the race would be available virtually, I got with the full options pack. I am in particular a big fan of auto-twa.

What was your strategy for Roma Per Due?

UC: In this race I had created an effective strategy, but unfortunately family commitments prevented me from following it during the first 7/8 hours, and I kept too far from the coast in the first stretch to Ventotene accumulating a delay on the first group of a couple of miles that I was not able to recover from in the following days and until the arrival. 

With weak winds and variable conditions and vessel speeds it is not easy to retrieve 2 miles on a hundred enemy ships, but I put effort trying to present myself in better position to weather changes and sailing during the day and night at peak performance and are slowly managed to recover up to 17° position.

The last night I tried to attack in the stretch towards the arrival, but the almost constant wind direction and intensity in the last part made it difficult to recover. I'm satisfied with my performance, considering that I just finished the Sodebo Record (80°) and am taking part in the Clipper and am therefore in the last three months, almost always in a regatta! Your game allowed me to know many racers Italians with whom I have developed close virtual friendships, particularly Kokab and finally Matoto. See you at the start of the next leg of the Clipper.

Thanks Umberto! See on the virtual seas. 

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