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#VVOR: Slippery Mermaid “Sirène du Zéphyr” slides into Victory

Par Virtual Regatta - January 26 2015


For the past few days the suspense has been growing.

Ever since Sirène du Zéphyr “escaped” from Kuala Lumpur, we’ve all been asking the question: will she able to keep his lead?

Sonolento XVI wasn’t able to keep up and despite some ferocious tacking; he didn’t catch the slippery mermaid (Sirène is the French word for mermaid). She sailed up the Vietnamese coast and despite weak winds, crossed the finish line in Sanya late last night.

We caught up with the “mermaid” after her big win:

“I’m happy that I finished in front of everyone! To win I had to make a few key decisions. My first choice was to head up the west coast of India, which allowed me to pass Sri Lanka in the leading group. After Sri Lanka, the majority of the boats went straight to the Pulau We mark, when I chose to go up toward the Nicobar Islands. This gap combined with a favourable wind shift was how I was able to come out in the lead at Malacca Straits with a slight advance on Sonolento xvi and the others.”

The conditions were favourable for the leader after passing the mark, “in particular, the wind shift on the morning of January 19th which slowed everyone else down in the fleet except for me and “Sonolento.” We had a comfortable margin when we got out of the passage.”

The opportunity of this passage at Kuala Lumpur gave the leaders a serious advantage. The two played a game of “one on one” all the way to the finish line.

After Singapore it seemed as if we were match racing for 5 days in the South China Sea. The only thing left to do was to sail up to Sanya with the most control possible. I had to always be between Sonolento and the finish line, offset on the best side of the wind so that he couldn’t pass me.”

Very big congratulations to Sirène du Zéphyr for the well deserved win. We tip our hats to Sonolento for second place. tomleb et the Italian sailor frriu make up the Top 5.

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