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Seven Stars Round Britain and Ireland: Departure August 10th

Par Virtual Regatta - July 24 2014

Who will rise to the challenge to defeat Khindeur TPN, defending his title as the winner of the 7 Stars from four years ago? 

Who will beat his record of just 6 days, 11 hours and 39 minutes?

We’ll have the answer in a few weeks. The second edition departs August 10th at 2pm UTC+2. 

The starting line will be in the legendary sailing city of Cowes, on the Isle of Wight. Your first mission, if you should accept it, will be to get yourself out of the Solent as quickly as possible and passing the island by the east. Next, as a gift to Virtual Regatta skippers, is an extremely technical course where tactical skill and subtle changes in the forecast will make all the difference.

On the program are 7 buoys to leave to starboard. The course is a bit like a big clock, with a rotation in the direction of the hands in this order: Wight, Bishop Rock, Great Skelling, Inishtearaght, St Kilda, Sula Sgeir and finally Muckle Flugga, the last point of passage at the extreme northeast of Scotland.

This is definitely a highly anticipated regatta with 1800 miles of sailing that you’ll sail on a brand new Volvo Ocean 65! Come and discover this excellent regatta and discover the boat.

Happy sailing to everyone! 

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