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#VVOR : Rakosi, the Repeat!

Par Virtual Regatta - March 3 2015

We know very little about “Rakosi,” and, its Danish skipper, Lucas. He is vey discreet, in spite of his true sailor qualities, which aided him in winning the fourth leg of the Virtual Volvo Ocean Race for the second year in a row.


We decided to have a 1-on-1 with the keen sailor…

VR: What are yours results since the start of the race in Alicante? 

Lucas: I won leg 4! That's about it, but what more can you expect? I've been in the top 20 on every leg at some point, but I race to win and that's what's important to me. That means taking some risks, and sometimes they don't pay off. This time, it did.

VR: Can you explain what happened in your head when you chose the North track?

Lucas: Leg 4 is amazing; there are so many alternative routes that can pay off. Last edition I went for the southern route and shorter distance and managed to catch a nice breeze in the Solomon Sea when everyone else got stuck. This time, the first part of the northern route looked far more profitable than the last edition and after only a few days you would be on the trade winds powering south. At the same time, almost everyone else was taking the southern option, and in the end, you will always have a greater chance of winning if you're racing 20% of the fleet in the north than 80% of the fleet in the south. Also very important for me, was the knowledge of unreliable weather forecast' around PNG and the Solomons, which I learned during Leg 4 in the last edition. If the wind is constantly changing you will always be chasing the best route, which inevitably will loose you some time to the optimal route. In the north, we would always have the trade winds, and I would have some comfortable days in stable weather without loosing time to the routing programs. Taking all these things into consideration, it was really natural for me to go for the northern route.

VR: Do you think that the general level of Virtual Regatta skippers is increasing since the former Volvo Race?

Lucas: It's always increasing, I think. On this leg, you saw the far south being dominated by pilot-boat starters, giving them a slight advantage. They held their advantage through the entire leg, showing that the smallest of margins will be important, because everyone is capable of winning.

VR: What do you expect of the next leg sailing over the Horn Cap and going to Brazil? 

Lucas: It's an interesting leg, which could be decided very early. If you catch one of the low-pressure systems early on, you could very well leave the pack while they get stuck in strong headwinds. So it's important to get a good start. On the other hand, if you get to Cape Horn in the leading pack, it's basically a restart. The run to Itagui will be a game of snakes and ladders, and will be very interesting to follow!

VR: Do you have any ambition now for the continuation of the race?

LucasI will continue as always, aggressive but realistic. I like to take chances and risks that are calculated towards winning any individual leg. That unfortunately also limits my chances in the overall ranking. Maybe you will see me running for another leg win, maybe not, but you will most certainly see me losing some as well. That's the name of the game!

VR: And do you have any favorites for the final victory?

Lucas: Still early days, and with 3 discards almost impossible to predict. I think Tinifon@TPN will do well on the overall rankings but has been a bit unlucky so far. He will be a force for sure!

VR: In a few words, can you tell us about yourself?

Lucas: I'm 23 years old and sail match races whenever I'm not studying engineering! I do a lot of real sailing and have been doing so for as long as I remember. I also skipper the boat "Rakosi4TIGERS" - honoring the small community of Team Tigers, a small group of very lovely and helpful people!

 VR: Thank you for your time and congratulations again on your victory.

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