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#VVOR3: East or West for the Finish in Sanya?

Par Virtual Regatta - January 23 2015


Will the light zephyr that’s blowing gently in the South China Sea sustain itself?

Sirène du Zéphyr is still leading the pack in the rhythm of a Brazialian samba. It doesn’t seem to be the case for his partner in crime Sonolento XVI who is having a hard time keeping pace. The two “escapees” have been threatened by uncertain weather conditions have now separated… will they be able to maintain their lead?

The fleet is spread over a range of more 300 miles from west to east, with the leaders positioned at around 106°30’E. Several smaller groups have formed behind them with distinct positioning in each group.

Surfing on the waves in the leaders’ wake at 107°east are Tintahall and the English sailor maradonnie. In a second group is following them is the Italian Kokab and Seb69 Timovan. Fredair-TP-LCD and passoucasse TEV are positioned in the third group at 108°20’ and a fourth group is lead by nsfqqa, the Swede Missil208 and 1001 AVL.

To encompass the whole fleet, there are two other “flotillas” at both extremes. In the extreme west group we find the Dutch sailor krooskoider and the Polish sailor Dar_bob_63_zegluj. In the extreme east group, kalou210 and the Russian NBCOM. The guys are going for the “all or nothing” approach.

Even if it seems as if the leaders are untouchable at the moment at less than 700 miles from the finish, strong winds along the coast of Vietnam should mean some speed for the groups following. Like usual, everything can change in an instant.

Now all that’s left to do is to see which group will be in the right place in the right time to get a boost to Sanya…

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