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Light wind around the gates

Par Virtual Regatta - December 6 2012

The wind and the forecasts never cease to jangle the nerves... with an unpredictable bubble of light air floating around the first and second gates, many players feel like they are caught in an endless fog and strategies are difficult to plan. This probably explains some erratic trajectories from experienced players.

The leaders seemed to have been continuing their journey unhampered by such trifles. However, even they now are stuck in an area of light wind at the second gate and those to the south are powering towards this gate in much stronger wind. It will be interesting to see how those in the south, such as Waterhammer and Mic_kas, deal with the next 12 hours and how much ground they can make up on the current leaders, Meindray RKN and Cofreno.

Those in the south will feel happier tonight that their more conventional circumnavigation is paying off. However, they still have to deal with the gate in order to sail the course to the rules.

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