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The tension is mounting

Par Virtual Regatta - December 1 2015

jules verne trophy spindrift virtual regatta


The tension is mounting on the Jules Verne Trophy where Spindrift 2 is still on record pace and is even starting to accelerate after ten days of racing.


On the virtual side, it is tight, everyone is trying to catch the cold front to get round the St Helena High more easily.

The famous anticyclone is once again a huge hurdle, but on the approach to 40º South, the first to the depression could quickly open up a nice gap.

For now, the main body of racers is at around 27° South and is heading towards Tristan da Cunha and Gough island, a route that is virtually mandatory on a record-seeking course As for Spindrift 2, after a detour west, it has just crossed in front of the Virtual Regatta skippers and is surfing along at nearly 35 knots.

For Istishia and Albatros56TPNZEN, it is now about not being overrun by those, such as tinifon@TPN, mAKi and the American skipper, Your Mom SA, who chose to head in the wake of the maxi trimaran and are also speeding up.

Meanwhile, the arrival home of the leading group of KatAkaOS, Lutece44-abers29 or Elric-AN192, should establish a new record time.

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