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Virtual Regatta gets a makeover!

Par Virtual Regatta - October 7 2015

Since our creation in 2006, Virtual Regatta has always had the same logo.

At that time, we only had one game, but today we are a growing company that edits and publishes multiple games and we want our logo to reflect that! Virtual Regatta Facelift We started with the Virtual Regatta logo.

It was starting to look dated and didn’t really reflect the evolving nature of the company.

The work that we did is an evolution of our old logo - not a revolution. We wanted to keep some elements of our old logo, so that it still remained in the same frame of reference but with some added freshness.

Overall, the typography has stayed the same, the blue and pink are still there. We simply removed the sails and the earth that gave it a more “game-like” feel. A logo for every game A logo is only as good as its products. Today, Virtual Regatta is the creator of three games.

Every game has its own name, but until now did not have it’s own visual identity. So, we made them each a logo.

The logos maintain the same logo as the company, but we have decided to keep the same font and have played with colours and symbols to differentiate each game.

Virtual Regatta Offshore is a game that simulates oceanic sail racing. It’s easy, accessible and in real-time. It’s the first game that we created and our most well known platform. For this game’s logo we took the earth symbol from our old logo and modernized it. Offshore players navigate around the planet earth.

Virtual Regatta Inshore is action regatta game that lets players practice for competition. The logo needed to be dynamic and we represented that by sails that are trimmed well and that are going in the same direction to represent the regatta.

Virtual Regatta Arcade is a 3D game which is accessible to even the most novice players. The game lets the players helm a sailboat in real time. The game is only available at the villages of sailing races and at certain trade shows or museums. Given that it’s the most simple of our games we wanted to use simple imagery.

Our Graphic Designer, Geoffrey gives us his point of view on his work:

The new Virtual Regatta logo font and the creation of the new logos was not a simple task. The idea was to find shapes and colours that illustrate each of the games and their universes and integrate them into the new logo. This is why the banner contains the name and the circle shape. It allows for an association and a dissociation of the Offshore, Inshore and Arcade games with the Virtual Regatta logo. The choice of the colours was made quite easily, especially for the Inshore game where red was the obvious choice of colours to evoke the structured nature of the game with a strict set of rules. All of the logos are in colour, on a white background to evoke sailing, energy and escape.

Let us know what you think of our new logos!

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