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Transat Jacques Vabre: All-Category Update

Par Virtual Regatta - November 5 2015

Thomas Coville and Jean-Luc Nelias have slingshotted to a 100-mile mile lead in front of the entire Virtual Regatta fleet. They are expected to arrive in Itajai before Saturday. 

The symbolic equatorial line has been crossed by most skippers now. 

Ultime: The quickest fleet to cross the Equator at more than 20 knots. Fernando de Noronha came across first with iona29 and two TPNs banzaï49 and ghostbuster in his wake.

Multi 50: Coming in behind the Ultime class, 500 miles north of the Ultimes the Multi 50s crossed the equatorial line with Istishia in the lead in company with Boxing Banana and the Portuguese skipper Sagres 76 CNV. 

Imoca: The top monohulls in this category are titoff50@BBM, Passoucasse TEV and isola rossa.

Class 40: The slowest of the fleet, this group is lead by Piguey33, Istishia and Hollywood81.

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