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Terms of Use for the forum

Welcome to the discussion forum of Virtual Regatta!

This forum allows you to chat with other players and share advice with them on inshore and offshore games, or discuss other aspects of the Virtual Regatta game and other boating news. The community forum is only meaningful if everyone is courteous and friendly, so we ask that you remain friendly with all participants on this forum.

The Rules of Conduct show what behaviour we expect you to adopt, but also what you can expect from other community members. These rules of conduct are not exhaustive, they can not define all forms of aggressive behavior. Therefore, we will sanction or moderate behaviour that we deem inappropriate. Access to forums is a "privilege" and never a "right".

Accordance with the provisions of the TOS, Virtual Regatta reserves the right at any time to suspend your access to the forum or website if you do not follow these rules of conduct on the forum or otherwise behave in a manner we deem appropriate.

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June 14 2017
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March 11 2017
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January 20 2017
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January 18 2017
Already 280 players have crossed the finish line
January 17 2017
mangina - PYR wins the virtual Vendee Globe